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Accustomed to dealing with various cargo sizes and fragility levels on a daily basis, our services usually start at the production plant. Whether your products are manufactured in your factories or by multiple suppliers, JS Abdille can reliably move your finished and primary goods from on point to another. As part of the dispatch plan preparation, we will recommend the adequate equipment (curtain side trailer, etc.) for a streamlined loading process and reduced transit time. In perfect liaison with the supply chain team, we handle your inbound and outbound shipping orders, between factories, warehouses or consigning places. Consult us for any special request – we customize our solutions to your needs as much as possible.


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Quality transport for all your retail goods.

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Professional handling of all your manufacturing goods.

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We understand the specifics of the FMCG industry.

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Our services start at the production plant.

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We assign specialists to transport your sensitive cargo.

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